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A fascinating video which appeals to spectators’ emotions will elevate your position in your competitive environment.

Your movie serves as your digital business card. Whether you´re presenting yourself on YouTube, Facebook or on your smartphone: the first-time impression counts most on potential customers. 


In the future your company´s success will also depend on a contemporary response to Digital Business Transformation.

We develop and produce original image films, industrial films or concise short films for our customers websites.


We are not only a professional, but also a very congenial small film team excelling in team work.

We are flexible and uncomplicated and have a very open-minded attitude towards new ideas and projects.

Starting from the first image to the complete realization, we intend to offer our customers a film that has been edited and provided with sound and speech on our editing system. 


Good reasons to make a film with AbsolutVideo

We realize your film


In addition to various camera teams with many years of experience in a wide range of disciplines, we provide the complete production technology according to customer requirements – from short news clips to the artistic long-term documentation. This also includes the entire post-production.


On request, we can be involved in the development of a TV format from the very beginning on– this can be done from the topic research to the search for suitable candidates up to the elaboration of the dramaturgy. In the next step we provide the complete realization of the shooting and in the last step the entire postproduction, both in terms of content and in terms of technology.


We offer castings from the research of suitable candidates and topics up to the final presentation, which is guaranteed to make you want more! A good cinematic piece stands and falls with its protagonists – and we not only have the right feeling for them, we also know, thanks to our many years of experience, how to put them in the best light; small coachings included!


Selected projects from the TV sector

We realize your film


ab 03.05.2021

Feuer und Flamme (WDR, 20:15 Uhr)

Dokureihe, 9 Folgen à 45 Minuten
4. Staffel der beliebten Doku über die
Berufsfeuerwehr, diesmal aus Bochum
Realisation: Meike Trautmann

ab 27.03.2021

Tierisch beste Freunde, (VOX, 19.10 Uhr)

Reportagereihe, Verhaltensforscherin /Kate Kitchenham/ geht kuriosen
Freundschaften in der Tierwelt auf den Grund.
Kamera: Holger Erken

ab dem 08.11.2020

 Die Nordreportage, Hamburgs Mülldetektive (NDR, 18:15 Uhr)

Reportage, 30 Minuten
Über die sogenannten "Wastewatcher" der Stadtreinigung HH
Autorin: Meike Trautmann

ab dem 2.3.2020

Die Tierärzte - Retter mit Herz (ARD, Mo - Fr 16:10 Uhr)

2. Staffel (30 Folgen) der Dokutainment-Reihe über Veterinäre in ganz Deutschland
Realisation (am Staffelsee): Meike Trautmann

 ab dem 21.2.2020

Let's Dance (RTL, 20:15 Uhr)

13. Staffel der erfolgreichen Tanzshow mit Promis und Profitänzern
Kamera: Holger Erken

ab dem 16.2.2020

Die Welpen kommen (RTL, 19 Uhr)

2. Staffel der Tier-Doku-Reihe mit Deutschlands beliebtesten Hunde Trainer
Kamera: Holger Erken und Martin Rütter

ab dem 16.2.2020

Nicht dein Ernst (WDR, 22:15 Uhr)

Die Dilemma-Show mit Sabeine Heinrich und
Jürgen von der Lippe
Kamera: Holger Erken

ab dem 2.9.2019

Nächste Ausfahrt Liebe
(Sat 1, Mo - Fr, 18 Uhr)

Dating-Show auf vier Rädern mit Paartherapeut
Eric Hegmann
Kamera: Holger Erken
Kamera: Markus Rüth

September 2019

Mediatraining für das Managment von Müller Milch

Aufzeichung des Stress-Tests für die PR Agentur BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe)
Kamera: Holger Erken

ab dem 15.7.2019

Endlich kapiert (Vox, 22:15 Uhr)

Comedy-Serie mit Lutz van der Horst
Kamera: Holger Erken 

Juni 2019

Laser World of Photonics Munich

Industriefilm Cinevision
Kamera: Holger Erken 

ab dem 4.9. 2018

Ich, einfach unvermittelbar
(Vox, 23:05 Uhr)

Dokureihe über Menschen mit Diagnosen wie Autismus oder Tourette
Nominiert für den Deutschen Grimme-Preis 2019
Realisation: Meike Trautmann


Selected projects in the field of image and industrial film

We realize your film

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We realize your film

Holger Erken

Mobil: +49 178 / 5555 100

Meike Trautmann

Editor & Screenwriter
Mobil: +49 179 / 209 6656

Markus Rüth 

Mobil: +49 172 / 203 8697

Bene Zirnbauer

Camera Operator
Mobil: +49 172 / 763 3319

Alexander Tower

Sound engineer
Drone Operator
Mobil: +49 162 / 196 0952

Dominik Preisenhammer

Camera Operator / Cutter
Mobil: +49 178 / 142 0755

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